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Whitetail Deer Hunting in New Brunswick

 Northern New Brunswick once had some of the best trophy deer hunting available anywhere in Canada.Due to a series of severe winters and certain forestry practices,we experienced a heavy decline in whitetail population.Near the end of the last decade (2007-2009)  we experienced two winters of record breaking or near record breaking snowfall, however since that time we have (mostly) had far less winter snowfall than normal combined with warm temperatures in March and April with spring arriving early; this substantially reduced the stress on our deer herd and the population was rebounding fast. We did receive a lot of snow in the winter of 2014-15.

 The 2015 New Brunswick deer season commenced October 5th for bow hunters-hunting pressure tends to be light during this time. Rifle season opened on the  last Monday of October and ran until November 21st. Crossbows may also be used during the open rifle season. The rut tends to be in full swing during the last two weeks of the rifle season-during this time it's not uncommon to harvest deer upwards of 250 lbs. with very large racks. -New Brunswick 2016 Deer hunting season dates will be posted here as soon as they are available-

The areas/zones we hunt are "bucks only"-(for both resident and non-resident hunters) We do our deer hunting in areas nearer to our camps as these areas have more favorable conditions for whitetails than the areas we do our other hunts in; we also hunt and trap coyotes in these areas during the winter to reduce predation see the photo on our About Us page

More information on hunting with us is also available on the "General Information page"

Synopsis for 2016 Deer Hunting:

* Contact us for an update on 2016 prospects.

Whitetail Deer hunting in New Brunswick Canada 2013