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This page of our website covers the topics not covered elsewhere as well as answers to some frequently asked questions:


We offer various fishing opportunities in conjunction with our spring bear hunts.Our camps are located near the scenic Tobique river.Mid-May to mid-June features the best fishing for wild Brook Trout .Landlocked Atlantic (Sebago) Salmon and Whitefish are also occasionally taken by our clients. Brook Trout fishing can be done from shore or canoe float trips can be arranged . The daily limit for brook trout in our area is 10 per day. It may also be possible to arrange a day of fishing on a nearby private lake that features wild brookies in excess of 3 pounds.

About an hours drive down the road can put you on some of the finest Smallmouth Bass fishing you'll find anywhere-light fishing pressure in this area has made for fine Smallmouth fishing with clients occasionally taking  bass approaching 5 pounds.

New Brunswick non-resident fishing license costs for 2021 :      3 day  -  $33.90
                                                                                                                    7 day  -   46.33
                                                                                                                 season -   72.32

Other things to do during bear hunts; Moose antler shed hunting has become a popular pass-time; one of our clients asked about this a few years ago and since that time several of our clients have taken part in this and many have found some large antlers; this also affords an excellent opportunity to see other wildlife so be sure to bring your camera along when you're "in moose country".


Rates and prices:

Coming to Canada:

See note about current Covid restrictions on our home page





Bringing firearms to Canada: Firearms must be registered at the Canadian Customs office upon entry into Canada.You can fill in the necessary form online by clicking here or print it off and fill it in by hand. This will save time at the border. It is important that you do not sign the form until you reach the border and and are told to do so by a customs officer;the reason being this form is a legal declaration and this can only be done in the presence of an officer.

Other weapons:

Handguns- are considered at the very least "restricted "( limited to residents with special licenses ) and possibly depending on design/model prohibited in Canada-basically the only non-residents allowed to import handguns into and possess/transport in Canada are those involved in chartered international shooting competitions and this involves mountains of red tape/paperwork ( letters of invitation etc. ) in advance.( this is why handguns are included on the importation declaration form in the link above )

Bows /crossbows-these may be brought into Canada without restriction.

Note: Black powder guns /muzzleloaders(with the exception of flintlocks) are considered firearms under Canadian law and must be registered at the border.

other "personal" weapons (e.g tazers,chemical mace,butterfly knives etc)-these are prohibited in Canada.

In summary- don't bring handguns or any other weapons that could jeopardize your entry into Canada.

We strongly suggest you stop at the US Customs office on your way here before you enter Canada and fill out form 4457 ,you can print/ fill this out in advance also by clicking here ; this form allows you to register your valuable items (guns,bows,cameras.GPS devices etc.) before you leave the USA so there is no question on your return about where/when you obtained these items. ( note this form must be signed/stamped by a US Customs officer to be valid )

I.D requirements:

 In order to come to Canada (and return to the US without complication) you should have one of the following documents :

1) Passport
2) Passport card
3)Enhanced driver's license

Due to a number of factors rates are not published on this website; when we quote you a rate if you contact us we guarantee that price for 30 days from the date of our reply. Any rate we quote you includes the following : Lodging,, guides and meals as well as skinning, processsing and preparation for your taxidermist. Transportation to and from hunting areas is included in big game hunts only. (Upland bird hunters are responsible for their own transportation) Any quoted price does not include the license costs. For 2021 the non-resident hunting license costs are as follows:

Black Bear:       $184.19       Moose             $ 619.24

Game birds :      $92.66         

Migratory game permit (required in addition to hunting license for woodcock and waterfowl) -20.00

All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars and include applicable taxes.

Seasons for 2021

Black Bear- Spring season :Our hunts start in early May to June 29( open to firearms,bows and crossbows )

Fall Bear season- September 1 to November 6- *during the week of Moose season bow/crossbow hunting only*

Moose-September  Sept 21-25

Ruffed Grouse:October 1 to December 31

Woodcock :September 15 to November 30

Geese- around Labour day (exact date not announced as of this writing ) to November 30- Ducks October 1 to November 30

Coyote-year round except the period from September 20 to 30 (Coyotes may be taken on any non resident hunting license except a Moose license)

Varying Hare (snowshoe rabbit)-May be taken on non resident Deer or small game("bird") license after October 1

Fishing Seasons-Brook Trout-Opens May 1

Landlocked Salmon-Opens May 15

Bass-Opens May 15



Alcohol: (including wine,beer etc.)-Persons entering Canada from the U.S may bring one 40 ounce bottle of liquor OR wine-OR 24 cans of beer (can only be 1 of the 3).Alcoholic beverages can be bought in Riley Brook, about 5 minutes drive from our camps.

Tobacco- you may bring up to 200 cigarettes AND 50 cigars .

A tip about money: most,if not all businesses in this area will accept U.S dollars - American currency is currently worth a premium due to currency exchange rates. Businesses will also accept Visa/Mastercard as well as bank debit cards with cirrus or interac logo on them; while this is the most convenient method and will exempt you from surcharges on paper money your bank/card provider might charge a per-transaction fee and/or percentage for international/currency conversion transactions (check with your provider on this)-in this event we recommend you wait until you get here and draw out a nominal amount of Canadian currency from a banking machine if you pay a per-transaction fee, as it's usually better to pay a single one-time fee than a bunch of smaller separate fees.

May- is still spring in these parts-early May temperatures can dip below freezing overnight,and cool weather is not uncommon. Daytime highs: upper 40's to mid 50's-temperatures can drop rapidly in the evening. 
Late May -mid 50's to mid 60's

Early June- expect temps in the  60's-low 70's

Late June-summer like,temperatures in the 70's-occasionally into the 80's

Mid-late September- highs in the low 60's,mornings can be chilly-occasional frost.

Early October- highs in the 50's - "Indian summer" weather occasionally sees days in mid 60's-conversely cold fronts can move in and a few snowflakes in the air is not uncommon.

Late October- highs in the 40's, dipping below freezing overnight

November-highs in upper 30's-the last week or two expect some accumulation of snow with highs below freezing.

Firearm(s) (we recommend once again you fill out the Canada Customs declaration form above in advance)

Ammunition (you can bring up to 200 rounds into Canada )

We recommend you transport your firearms/bows/crossbows in a "hard"  case but that you also bring a soft case or gun sock to carry it to/from your stand(as it may be dark during this time and by law they must be cased then)

Bow or crossbow


Personal items (toiletries,any medications you might require)

Rain gear

Quality hunting boots


Adequate changes of clothing for 6 days-be sure to have clothing you can layer as weather conditions are subject to broad swings at certain times of the year.We recommend you also bring one "light" jacket and one "heavy" one.

 Fishing gear (for persons combining fishing with bear hunts)

 Rods and reels spooled with good quality 8 or 10 pound test line.

Extra line

A collection of "terminal tackle" -(small hooks,spinners and sinkers)-the "plain old spinner and worm" work fine river fishing for trout here, if you prefer artificial lures then we recommend small spoons (1/4 ounce or less) ,minnow type(e.g rapala) lures size 7 or smaller.(If you are unsure what to bring for terminal tackle the Riley Brook General Store, about 5 minutes from our camp can provide you with "what's hot")

Fly fishing- 8 1/2 ' or longer rods for at least a 5 weight floating line; size 8-12 flies, mixture of wet and dry flies-muddler minnows are the favorite pattern of river fishermen here.

For bass fishing- in addition to the above tube jigs,buzz baits and nightcrawler imitations take fish.

Regarding blaze orange clothing:

All persons hunting* in New Brunswick from September 1 -December 31 must wear a solid fluorescent orange cap and a  solid fluorescent orange jacket or vest.The government clarified this law in 2012 to state that the garments must be visible from all directions -there is no longer any "minimum square inch" requirement.

Caps may have logos and the peak may be a non- orange color; jackets and vests may have logos, zippers, buckles, straps ,buttons etc that are not orange.

note: "Blaze camo" clothing - that features a pattern where the orange is scattered or broken does not meet the above requirements.

*Persons hunting waterfowl are exempt from the above requirements.

Hunter Safety Requirements: At the time of license purchase Non residents must show proof of "hunting experience" or a hunter education/safety course-If you were born before January 1, 1981 and you intend to hunt with a gun you may show a previous year's hunting license from your home (or other) state/province as proof of experience.

If you were born before January 1,1981 and intend to hunt with a bow or crossbow  you may show a previous year's hunting license from  another jurisdiction provided that license states it allowed the use of a bow or crossbow.

If you were born on or after January 1,1981 and intend to hunt with a gun you must show proof of a hunter safety course .New Brunswick recognizes hunter safety/firearms safety and bow hunter education certificates from all Canadian provinces and U.S states.

If you need more information on any of the above or, if it's not covered here,please don't hesitate to contact us

Additional resources:

Province of New Brunswick Hunt/Trap booklet ( 2021 version )-


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