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New Brunswick Non-Resident Moose Lottery

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Moose Hunting Outfitters in New Brunswick, Canada

Moose hunting in New Brunswick is possibly the best hunting success story in North America. The Moose population continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Large areas of second-growth hardwood from clear cutting in our area are producing an ample year-round food supply and thick spruce and fir regeneration in those areas is providing good cover from the weather. With the increase in numbers overall it's not surprising a good percentage of large bulls in the 45-60" category are taken each year in northern New Brunswick.

We conduct our guided moose hunts in a remote area where competition with other hunters and outfitters is minimal and overall pressure is light; several of the stands we use for moose hunting have been in place for years.

The New Brunswick Moose hunting season runs during the last full week of September. In 2014 the New Brunswick government changed the season from the traditional 3 day hunt to a 5 day hunt(Tuesday through Saturday). This (naturally) produced a higher kill total province-wide (about 10% over the 2013 3-day hunt), but less than the anticipated increase, likely due to summer-like weather the last 3 days of the hunt. 2015 and 2016 saw a higher kill total.  No dates have been announced yet for the 2017 New Brunswick Moose season (as of March 4, 2017) but we will post them here when they are available.

Moose Hunting Outiftters in New Brunswick, Haley Brook Camps guides

Since the New Brunswick non-resident Moose hunting draw began in 1996 we have been the chosen outfitter of 24 hunters. With both of our non-resident guests harvesting bull in 2016 we proudly maintained our 100 % success rate since 1996. Details on the 2017 New Brunswick Moose hunt can be found below. For more Moose hunting pictures be sure to check out our gallery.

 The lottery system in place for non-residents wishing to hunt moose in New Brunswick involves submitting an application to the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources either by telephone or online (more details below) and paying a fee to apply. The application period for 2017 is February 6 to April 30. If your name is drawn you may then select an outfitter and a Wildlife Management Zone (WMZ) in which to hunt. It should be noted that New Brunswick offers far better odds of being drawn as a non-resident than Maine (which has a >1% rate) while offering a proximity to the northeastern U.S that makes New Brunswick much more convenient to reach by road than Newfoundland (a minimum 2 days extra driving each way). Taking these factors into consideration it makes New Brunswick a "best kept secret" among the hunting fraternity.

 You can reach us via the telephone numbers listed on the contact page of our website or simply fill out the online form there with any questions or concerns you might have, more information on hunting with us is available on our "general information" web page.The following is a link to the 2017 New Brunswick non-resident Moose hunting fact sheet-it lays out the basic rules and explains how to make your application. This will open in a new window in your internet browser; if you have a pop-up blocker enabled you may have to temporarily disable it (or simply copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser.)