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Frank and Gail Hathaway,Riley Brook,New Brunswick,Canada
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Here is a collection of testimonials from a few more of our previous guests here at Haley Brook Camps;be sure to also check out our gallery page which features many of our successful hunters.

I am a long time hunter who found Haley Brook Camps several years ago. If you are looking for the best hunting at an affordable rate then you must hunt with Dave and Frank Hathaway. The black bear hunts are the best I've ever seen. The first trip we counted 33 bears in 4 days and we never traveled back home empty handed. Not only did I make new friends, I made a new family. The Hathaways make your hunt feel like a family reunion and it's an exciting week. The food is splended and the accomodations are great!!! If you dont have the greatest week of your life then your heart needs a jumpstart. Frank will keep you laughing the entire trip as if you are visiting a comedy club. Dave is one of the best guides I've ever had in the wild. Funny thing, there is always a father and son competition of who can guide the best kills of the week. These guys truly work hard to put you on the best bears. I've truly enjoyed traveling to this outfitter year after year. Ive experienced it all in their camp. Truly memorable moments every time we visit. I've booked hunts there now for 6 years in a row and I can honestly say that ive enjoyed every moment. They also guide moose,grouse, and whitetail. If I ever draw a tag, I plan on a moose hunt. The fishing during spring hunts is also great.Thanks to the family for all the great moments. ( P.S. Guys you better be ready to gain a few pounds because Gail and Karenna are great chefs. I do mean Chefs. Homemade sweets and great dinners.Yummy!!! Enjoy your experience hunters because they are topnotch without a doubt.)                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                                                                 T. Mason,Maryland

My Haley Brook hunting experiences have always been very successful. As a returning hunter, my stay has always been welcoming and made me feel right at home. The food is great and the people are extremely nice as well as funny. Lots of memories will be made during your time at camp as well as in the woods. The guides work very hard to ensure that your hunt is successful or the best it can be. With the amount of laughs and game that you will see, time will fly. During all of my trips to Haley Brook Camps, the friendships have grown. All the people at camp will feel like family before your hunt is over. I hope to be returning soon.                                                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                                        C.Welch,Fairfield, Pa

This is say what a great operation Frank and Gail have and being there a number of years I should know. I have taken many a black bear and Frank Hathaway is second to none when it comes to bears. Frank is also great at moose, knows right where to find the big bulls.. The native brook trout fishing is outstanding. Gail's cooking from scratch would make my mother jealous, always delicious and plentiful. Thanks again!!! -will see you in the spring  for da bears.                     

                                                                                                                                                                                     J.McDermott,Sterling, Pa

There is none better than Haley Brook Camps ,Frank's expertise in the field is a proven fact,Gail's homemade (and abundant) food is second to none.The lodging is beyond comfortable;put them all together and you get a pleasurable stay and a successful hunt!                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                                                           V.Kudrich, Fords, N.J 

've been hunting at Haley Brook Camps for 12 years;that should say something about this outfitter.110% is a given from Frank and Gail;they are people-oriented and very knowledgeable regarding what it takes to makes your stay memorable and hunt successful.The game is abundant,the lodging comfortable and the homemade food,well...you'll never have better.If you love bear hunting this is the outfitter to hunt with.                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                                                          J.Kudrich,Cataret. N.J 

I recently completed a spring 2013 bear hunt with Haley Brook Camps in New Brunswick. My son Mike harvested a black bear at Haley Brook Camps with bow and arrow in 2011 and was very pleased with his hunt. As a result of Mike’s success and recommendation, Mike,our friend Chris and myself decided to spend five days hunting black bear at Haley Brook with bow and arrows.  Mike’s recommendation couldn’t have been more spot-on!  Frank and Gail Hathaway run a great hunting camp. The accommodations are everything one would expect, log cabins decorated with many deer and moose racks giving the rustic feeling a camp should have. The environment is very conducive to telling hunting stories, which Frank has no shortage of considering his over 35 years as a forest ranger, hunter, trapper and guide.  Frank and Gail don’t run this camp alone. They have the more than capable help of their son David and his wife Karenna. With Gail’s great cooking and Karenna’s assistance the meals are outstanding. All three of us had David as our guide. The friendly competition between Frank and David had Frank calling David “Guide B”. Well the three of us can tell you David is no “Guide B”. We all saw bears, and we all killed bears. Mine was over 300 pounds! When David set me up on the bait he told me where the bear will more than likely come from. David was right on the money. The bear came down the path David said it would and presented me with a beautiful 16 yard shot. Mike and Chris both got bears over 150 pounds. David’s knowledge of the woods is surpassed only by his hard work to put you on bears. 

I’ve hunted for over 40 years in Michigan woods. This was my first guided hunt. If you want to go on a hunt that’s reasonably priced, outfitted by good hard working folks who know how to put you on bears and put on a spread, then book a trip with these fine people at Haley Brook. You will not be disappointed!                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                                       D. La Belle ,Michigan 

References- many of our prior guests have volunteered to act as references,however to protect their privacy and protect them against automated programs used by telemarketing companies (and scammers) to harvest telephone numbers online we do not publish their personal information here.If you would like a list of references with telephone numbers we will gladly provide this if you contact us.    

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